Q: Where can I purchase a LumaSafe UV-C Light for my RV?

A: Currently, the only place to purchase a LumaSafe light is directly from our website: golumasafe.com

Q: How do I install my LumaSafe Light?

A: We recommend that you contact a local RV Tech to install your light using the following instructions:

    1. Disconnect power from R/V
    2. Remove Air Conditioning Shroud
    3. Install UV-C Bulb in Front of Evaporator Coil, Facing Up, Using the Supplies in the LumaSafe Kit
    4. Install Power Supply Above Light with Supplies in Kit
    5. Connect Power Supply to 110v Incoming Power (Blue to neutral,  Brown to hot)
    6. Reassemble and Test

Q: How long does the bulb last?

A: The bulb should last approximately 12 months. We recommend ordering a replacement bulb and changing at that time.